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The Language Center celebrates 50 years of promoting internationality.                                                                 

Aspiring to a job in foreign companies inside and outside the country, expanding our access to documentary sources and increasing our confidence are just some of the benefits of speaking different languages, explained Wilfred Theo Mohr, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Mexico, in the framework of the 50th anniversary of the Language Center of Universidad La Salle.

Wilfred Theo Mohr, studied Business Economics and has extensive experience in public positions in the field of international relations, which has led him to live in different countries. Since 2020, he has been Ambassador of the Netherlands to Mexico.

The Dutch ambassador explained that in his country of origin it is mandatory for students to learn three foreign languages from among English, French, German, Spanish or Mandarin.

Why? Long ago, the people of the Netherlands decided to explore the opportunities offered by the outside world and soon achieved a strong global presence. In Mexico, for example, Dutch multinationals have a presence with brands such as Philips, Shell, Heineken, among others.

This need to relate to the outside world brought with it an interest in learning foreign languages.

The most spoken languages in the world:

1. English

2. Chinese

3. Hindi

4. Spanish

5. French

In the case of the ambassador of the Netherlands, as a member of an international organization, languages are fundamental to communicate, interact with other diplomats and hold meetings.

While 25 years ago many countries did not show a marked interest in mastering a second language, globalization and the ease of connecting with people around the world through the Internet have attracted attention of young people to learn languages.

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In the professional field, the speaker pointed out that a second language is a prerequisite for more than 50% of job offers for recent graduates, for 65% of executive positions and for 100% of senior positions.

In addition, most of the information on the Internet is in English. In other words, a person who is fluent in Spanish and English has access to 60% of everything that exists on the web.

“It reduces confidence barriers. People like it and feel excited when you speak their language.

It also shows interest in other people’s culture, in other people’s way of life.” – Wilfred Theo Mohr.

The Dutch ambassador recommended the attendees to study English (the most spoken language in the world) on an ongoing basis; learn as many foreign languages as possible; and, in addition to taking courses in school, also listen to music, podcasts, movies and television in other languages.

The Language Center celebrates 50 years

Thanks to is futuristic vision, Universidad La Salle inaugurated its language laboratory in 1972, despite the fact that at that time the idea of a “global village” or “internationalization” was not yet in vogue.

“Today, our Language Center is indispensable for the development of the communication skills of our students,

teachers and administrative personnel.” -José Francisco Flores Gamio, fsc, President.

The needs of a changing society and of education for new generations, who require a broad understanding of the world, allow La Salle to engage with a global perspective.

“Languages open up new personal and professional opportunities. They are a link in the world to communicate,

learn and look through the eyes of others. Languages are a window to the world.”

-María Del Rosario Escalada, Language Center Coordinator.

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